Home Inspection Report Writing

Home Inspection Report Writing: when you’re creating a home inspection report using HomeInspectionReportsSoftware, the report is already being created for you, while you are simply typing or tapping an “X” into a preformatted checkbox list of items.

With this software, you no longer have to try to remember hundreds (or thousands) of database items, because most of those conditions are already there, in the software, in the main report module.  When you place an “X” at a line item on the field checklists, that automatically places an “X” on those DDID preformatted complex statements in your main report, so you don’t have to recreate all those hundreds of DDID statements from scratch.

What could be easier?  Check out http://HomeInspectionReportsSoftware.com to see for yourself.  Beware of database programs that force you to try to have to remember a thousand conditions.  This software has them already listed for you, in 10 different Categories.  So when  you’re looking at HVAC, you click on the HVAC checklist.  Simple.  Then make your “X”s after the brief field checklist line items.  When you’re looking at Structural items, click on the Structural category field checklist and make an “X” after the line items that you see as deficiencies.  While you’re doing that, what you won’t see until you are ready to create the main report: all those “X”s you made in the field have been automatically also placed after the DDID statements in the main report to remain.  Then all you have to do is delete those DDID statements that don’t apply.  What could be easier?

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