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Home Inspection Software is what this website is all about. Home inspection software allows Home Inspectors to use a mobile device, like a powerful compact tablet computer (see System Requirements), to make inspections, documenting their findings electronically on compact computerized CheckLists.

home inspection software

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This allows Home Inspectors to then have most of their Report “built” for them, using the input they made using the field CheckLists.  That’s the BIG idea behind HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ®.  Without home inspection software, we are working in an analog world, using pencil and paper to take field notes.  That’s a thing of the past with inspection software from HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ®.

See: HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ® for more information on this amazing inspection software.

Software for home inspections helps Home Inspectors to be more productive, using their electronic field notes to “drive” the software to identify and select pre-formatted DDID paragraphs for their inspection report.


This home inspection software uses 10 CheckListZ that link back to a Main Report.  Click image to see this larger.

Software for Home Inspection

Home inspection software can mean the difference between doing more work or less, to have a more efficient business model for a home inspection practice.  Having the right software can allow an inspector to conduct an inspection in less time (while not sacrificing quality of detail), focusing on those features that are most critical for the report.  And having a pre-assembled series of 10 modules, each focused on each of the main parts of an inspection can help guide the Inspector to hopefully not be as likely to miss important items.

Types of Home Inspection Software
HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ® is probably the simplest, easiest to use inspection software there is.  Why: it is a series of templates or “modules” (sheets), that work in MS Office Excel.  Most people in business today understand and use Excel, the world’s leading spreadsheet software.  So: if you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use most of this software.  In other words: the learning curve is practically nothing, if you already know Excel.  And if you want to make custom entries, you can do so, in any of the modules, without having to pay a computer programmer to do that for you.  So: it is customizable, to suit your practice.

Now then, MOST inspection software is more database oriented.  Database software is how many computer programs work these days.  They aren’t friendly.  Why: because you can’t see the line items until you remember what they are and call them up.  You have to know where and what to ask in order to get past the blank wall of programming to find them.

However, HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ® wasn’t organized that way.  It’s Not database oriented.  Rather, it is an Excel spreadsheet template series, with everything right there, exposed for you to see, when you click on any of the 10 to 15 tabs at the bottom of every screen.  Easy to find exactly what you want and need at your fingertips.

home inspection software

HomeInspectionReportZ software has compact and efficient lists of items that an inspector can select with a simple “X”, to activate and include in the Report.  Click image to see this larger.

Home inspection software is essential to creating an efficient residential inspection business.  Consider learning more about HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ™ and buying it, to improve your inspection practice.

It is crucial to have a compact CheckList to perform competent inspections.  Software can help with that.  Otherwise, you are condemned to using pieces of paper and all of your field notes are not connected to anything else.  Which also condemns you to entering all of that information again, into your computer, by whatever means you have.  It is much better to go paperless and start conducting inspections with a field tablet, which is about the smallest portable full-strength computer there is today (see System Requirements).


It is always interesting to discover who actually wrote and created the actual code for the software inspectors use.  Was it actually a Licensed Inspector, Architect and/or Engineer?  The Licensed Professionals that both design, engineer and inspect homes?  Or was the software made by some large software company and knows how to write computer code, but doesn’t know anything about inspections?
Nice to know that HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ® was written by a Licensed Home Inspector who is ALSO a Licensed Architect of custom houses!  Lots of skill and knowledge there.  Makes a lot of sense as to the functionality of the software, doesn’t it?

home inspection software

System Requirements: see the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ® product page for this information.



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