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HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ is the name for the 10 CheckLists in the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® software.   The “HIRS” stands for HomeInspectionReportsSoftware, which is the title of the main software, of which the checklists play a part.  These can also be called home inspection checklists, as there are 10 packages, all combining together to create the master home inspection checklist.

Each HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ follows the conventional Category for home inspections:

1-StructCkLst       (Structural Component checklist)

2-ExtCkLst            (Exterior Components checklist )

3-RoofCkLst         (Roofing checklist)

4-PlumCkLst        (Plumbing checklist)

5-ElecCkLst          (Electrical checklist)

6-HeatCkLst         (Heating checklist)

7-AC-CkLst           (Central Air Conditioning checklist)

8-IntCkLst            (Interiors checklist )

9-InsCkLst           (Insulation & Ventilation checklist)

10-KitAppCkLst (Built-in Kitchen Appliances checklist)

home inspection checklist

Part of the beauty of the HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ organization is that each HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™being a separate (but linked) module, allows users to swiftly and conveniently locate those items in the software.  Since nearly every choice you make in the various home inspection checklists are linked to each other and the Header and Line Items, as well as the main Report itself, this allows for your field choices to automatically select and drive your choices throughout the software, helping to construction your Report for you, flagging much more detailed DDID pre-composed paragraphs, based on the “X”s you make in the various CheckListZ™.  (DDID= Describe (system or component), Determine (if there is something wrong or deficient), Implication (what could happen if not fixed), Direct (the Client to a proper course of action).  The required structure of an Inspector’s paragraph discussing an issue).


This is part of the power of the HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ software and the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware™ : DO IT ONCE.  And when you do: that drives just about everything else.  This linkage between the 10 HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ is part of the “engine” that drives the Main Report and the Summary,  When you enter a simple “X” into the various HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ checkboxes, that simple and convenient act on your part calls forth a lot of language (in the other modules) that reinforces what you’ve noticed, fleshing out the full Report in another module.  So that when you return to your office, the bulk of your Main Report and Summary are mainly done, with the exception of deleting the line items that don’t apply.  And that job is made super-easy, because the items to remain have a bright yellow checkboxes with a bold “X” in them.  Those to be deleted have no color and no “X” in the checkbox to the right of them.  Simple.  Easy to Understand.  Easy to update and modify.


Some other report softwares require you to remember what to call forth in the report software.  That’s the hard way.  What if you forgot something, or couldn’t remember what to call up in the report?  You could end up not flagging something because your format made it hard on you.  This HIRS program doesn’t do that to you.  The HIRS package makes it easy on you by listing is all right there, as a checklist.  You can can quickly scan what items apply and what don’t.  And if something does apply to click the checkbox and you’re good to go.  HIRS understands you’re out there for hours on your feet, trying to walk around and see everything you need to see.  HIRS makes it easy for you to flag items, then move on to the next item and section.


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