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best home inspection software

best home inspection software: HomeInspectionReportsSoftware®.

HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® is featured on the ArCH: Architects Creating Homes website, in their online store.  ArCH stands for quality and Licensed Architects helping to Improve Residential Architecture.  Only the best products are featured on that website.  ArCH is a global professional society of Licensed Architects who specialize in residential architecture.  Only the best home Architects are members of ArCH, using the best products on the Earth.

best home inspection software

Click image to see the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware store page on this website.

Also, HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® is the product of CHI, itself a Licensed Home Inspection company, that has been developing this software for about a decade, to make it better than anything else. Software written by practiced, Licensed Home Inspectors, not by some large computer programming company.  Created right here in the USA, by citizens of the United States, who are hard-working. licensed home inspectors, just like you.  You may be surprised to know that some other inspection software is created in other countries.  That has to make you wonder if they truly understand the requirements here in the USA.

Here are Just a few of the great features of this software:

  1.  YOU can modify it.
    That’s right.  You can customize it to suit your practice.  See the next point to understand how.
  2. HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® is written as a MS Office Excel template (about a dozen different modules (“sheets”) that link to each other).  In other words, if you already know how to operate a spreadsheet (and what business person these days doesn’t?) you already know about 90% of what you need to know to use and further enhance the software to make it have just about anything you want it to have.
  3. About a thousand pre-existing Category Detail Line Item and Category Header items that you can declare as being present during your inspection, by simply entering an “X” into a checkbox!  About time inspection software got this simple.
  4. You call up one of 10 HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™, then look through the Category Header items, then the Category Detail Line Items, entering an “X” in a checkbox for everything you see that exists in the inspection, that is on the CheckList(s).  Simple.  Fast.  Easy.
  5.  When You REALLY Want to Know™.  That’s this software’s trademarked motto.  It has more detail that just about anything else there is.   For your Clients that really want to know what’s going on at the home you are inspecting for them.

Click image to see larger image of portion of just one Category Header section of the best home inspection software.

6.  If you want to insert custom items for the few things you might happen to see that are not already on the detailed CheckList(s), you can do that.  because this is Excel!  Simple.  Not like other sofwares that are database oriented that hide all of your checklist items.  No sir.  HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ are right there, visible.

7.  Made to be used by a powerful and compact tablet computer (see System Requirements), so that you enter things ONCE in the field, and your answers (mainly “X”s in boxes) drive other software that selects more detailed DDID paragraphs in the main Report module.  In other words, this is the best home report software because it leverages your first instance of answers to toggle other aspects of the Report and the Summary, making you job ultra simple to produce the final report: just delete those paragraphs of pre-formatted and pre-written DDID statements that don’t apply, keeping those that do (selected by your field choices), insert your field photos, then delete the Summary items Not selected (keeping those that the software has flagged, and you are just about done!


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