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Checklists during residential inspections

Checklists during residential inspections are critical.  Without a checklist (actually a series of checklists) your home inspection is doomed.  Conversely, usage of an excellent home checklist can make your inspection a joy to perform.  Read more to understand why:

It is crucial that the checklist(s) you use are an integral part of the software driving your Report.  If phrased properly, your Checklist(s) can actually perform 90% of the function of the first “D” in your DDID required statements in your main Report (from just the Category Header):


And the Category Detail Line Items can drive the second “D” (Determine) in your Report.

It takes a very focused series of professional checklist to extract the essence of what you’re seeing during your inspection.  The level of word-smithing involved needs to be unparalleled in the home inspection industry.

Why: because you are trying, with merely a word or two, or even with the entry of an “X” to adequately Describe what you’re seeing in the residence being inspected (and in the Category Detail section, to Determine the condition).  And the amount of words on the checklists have to be brief and to the point, otherwise, the list items will be too long and cumbersome and harder to read either on a printed piece of paper or on a hand-held electronic device that you are using in the field to document your findings.

checklists during residential inspections

checklists during residential inspections: Click image to see the HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS page.

This is why HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® developed HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™:  so that you can use the Checklist(s) to easily scan through them, as you address each of the main 10 Category Headings of a home inspection.  What makes this so good?

1.  The items in the Category Headers are short and to the point and adequately Describe the various conditions you’re bound to discover, most of the time, with ample allowance for “Other” items you can insert for special custom headings.

2.  Most of the items in the Checklist you select by the simple act of inserting an “X” into the various applicable checkboxes.  About time using a home inspection Checklist was this easy!

3.  Each of the Category Header items in that part of each HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ are color-coded, a pleasant, pastel background, so that you understand that you are looking at a different element, and to help you find your place, while your eyes move from the home you are inspecting to the CheckList(s).  Not just a dull, all black & white boring, hard to find your place checklist. Oh no: something easier on the eyes and brain, to keep you oriented, each step of the way.  And headings use bold text where appropriate, so that you understand what heading item you are reviewing at each step.  Now why hasn’t anyone thought about this and improved this until now?  Maybe because the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® and HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ forms and software were directly developed by a Licensed Home Inspector who also happens to be a Licensed Architect who designs homes every day.  In other words: the same type of person developed this software as the people to be using it: other home inspectors, in the field, on the ground, sweating, walking miles during an inspection, needing to have as much mobility and ease of use as possible.

4.  Lest you think the “I” and the last “D” have been forgotten, far from it: The HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® has hundreds and hundreds of fully fleshed-out paragraphs with the complete “DDID” (Describe, Determine, Implication, Direct) paragraphs PRE-FORMATTED and ready for your use, once your HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™ “tell” (or inform) the Main Report module that a particular line item exists in the home you are inspecting.  At that point, the simple “X” that you placed on your CheckList(s) alert the Main Report to include those DDID paragraphs!  Amazing.  That makes it simple to then complete the actual report, once you are done with your field inspection, using only the HomeInspectionCheckList HIRS™.  Simple.  Easy.  Detailed.  Fast.


Now you see why checklists during residential inspections are critical to making your home inspection practice more thorough and more efficient.  Buy HomeInspectionReportsSoftware™, one of the few inspection software available that have their checklists electronically linked to the Report and the Summary.

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