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HomeInspectionReportsSoftware.com website

HomeInspectionReportsSoftware.com has established its website and this is its first post.

However, don’t think that the products available on this website are anything but the brainchild of extremely experienced Home Inspectors and Architects whom have been focused on residential home inspection and architecture for over 40 years.

CHI (Cashiers Home Inspectors, LLC) is the Home Inspection company behind HomeInspectionReportsSoftware.com.   CHI has produced very detailed Home Inspection software over the years, based on their in-field experiences and from their sister architectural firm, that designs homes nationwide,  and desires to have a better way to perform home inspections.  HOME ARCHITECT, PLLC is another company that has had input into not only the proper way to design and detail homes across the USA but has also provided their thoughts over the years, as to how a home inspection can bring important issues to light, of interest and concern to the Clients of Home Inspectors.

The main focus is to IMPROVE HOME INSPECTION, while making it more automated, using electronic devices in the field, that auto-report to a master Report, using the Field CheckLists provided with the HomeInspectionReportsSoftware™ software.  Check out HomeInspectionReportsSoftware ®.