When You REALLY Want to Know

HomeInspectionReportsSoftware® is intended for those Home Inspectors that do the best possible job for their Clients When You REALLY Want to Know™, which is CHI’s trademarked phrase.

There are no end of Sellers who really DON’T want Buyers to know.  And with understandable reason: if the Buyers DO know what the defects are, they are going to do one or two things:
1.  Walk away from the purchase.
2.  Request a reduction in sales price to help cover the costs of of fixing the problems.

And either one of those costs the Seller money.  So: being a better Inspector isn’t going to make you the friend of the Sellers.  However, it WILL make you the pal of the Buyers.

You have to decide who and how you represent your Clients.  If you don’t do a good job and miss deficiencies that you should have caught, you could find yourself up on charges from your licensing board and perhaps end up losing your license and also facing lawsuits from disgruntled Buyers who have expensive repairs to make that you didn’t include in your Report.

Sure, you might make Selling Real Estate Brokers happy, because they have everything to win and you to lose if you don’t catch the problems.  And they aren’t going to help you one bit if you do lose your license or get sued.  They’ll just move on to another Inspector.  So: do yourself a huge favor: do the very best job you can.  Don’t EVER compromise your integrity and professionalism for a few hundred bucks (or for any amount).

And doing the best job you can starts with having the best home inspection software possible.  In your search for the best, please include consideration of HomeInspectionReportsSoftware®, one of the few inspection software applications available written by actual Licensed Home Inspectors.

This software was written with several things in mind, one of which is helping Inspectors do the best possible inspection.  That’s why its chocked-full of hundreds and hundreds of line item deficiencies, organized around the 10-module inspection categories required by the State.  Do the best report you can starting by using the best software for the job:  HomeInspectionReportsSoftware®.